Evangelical parliamentarian threatened with death in the UK for voting against abortion

A Christian MP received death threats after she spoke out against abortion in the most recent UK election.

Dr. Lisa Cameron, UK Parliamentarian who has spoken out against abortion

From the Glasgow community, the country’s largest pro-life movement showed solidarity with MP Lisa Cameron, who was threatened with death through social networks.

“We stand in solidarity with Scottish MP Dr Lisa Cameron, who received a death threat after voting in accordance with her deeply held pro-life beliefs,” announced the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).


False accusations

Cameron is one of 47 people who voted against a bill that prevented last-minute aid from pro-life activists to pregnant women in abortion clinics.

A few days later, Lisa received several messages on Facebook accusing her of being “scum” and threatening to kill one of her elderly relatives after her voting decision.

Similar situations before the tragedy

The parliamentarian immediately informed the authorities, who recalled that in the same month the assassination of a parliamentarian in the same circumstances as those presented to Cameron today was being commemorated.

“It is tragic to think that in the same month that we remember the terrible murder of Jo Cox, another parliamentarian is being threatened with violence because of her convictions,” Michael Robinson, Glasgow’s director of telecommunications told LifeSiteNews.

Roots of violence

“Pro-abortion ideology is rooted in violence. Therefore, it is not surprising when pro-abortion activists incorporate this aggression and violence into their actions,” he added.

In 2019, Cameron received the same attacks when she voted against the pro-abortion law in her native Scotland.

She was a victim of abortion

The attacks became more ferocious when she explained that she was against it because she had suffered two miscarriages in the past.


“As soon as I published it, I was flooded with hateful responses. People were really abusing me and my decision,” said Lisa.

“You should have been aborted.”

“They said I supported the rape of women, sending me pictures of rape scenes and aborted fetuses and saying I should have been aborted,” she told Catholic News.

Lisa even receives reprimands from her staff for her choices and conviction; she is also a member of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

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