Entrepreneur heals from Covid-19 and turns his office into a hospital for poor people in India

After he recovered from Covid-19, an Indian businessman decided to turn his work area into a kind of “mini hospital” to care for those affected who did not have the necessary resources.

Shaikh’s office turned into a hospital.

Kadar Shaikh, 59, was admitted to a private clinic in the city of Surat when he was infected with Coronavirus. After 20 days he was discharged and the bill for services “horrified” the man.

“The cost of treatment in a private hospital is enormous. How could the poor afford such treatment? So I decided to do something and contribute to the fight against the deadly virus,” he told the AFP news agency.

After getting approval from local authorities, Shaikh turned his 2,800-square-meter office into a free care center for low-income people who are affected by the pandemic.

The service is offered free of charge and provides health care staff, beds and so on with full funding from the local government, which takes full responsibility for the costs.

The center also has a small 10-bed intensive care unit with artificial ventilators. Anyone is admitted to the unit regardless of their belief.

Shaikh’s wish is that when the pandemic ends, the place in question can be a “large hospital” with all the rights of the law, which will care for the poorest people of the place.

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According to data from Johns Hopkins University, India is the third country most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic with 35,000 deaths.

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