England bans live worship in churches to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Churches in England are preparing to hold their services again but with certain conditions, one of which is that worship or singing is prohibited within the congregation.

This measure will be implemented from next month.

The country’s Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government published a guide through its Twitter account, specifying new measures to restore worship services in the country’s churches.

The guidelines set out there issue several rules to follow but the most important one is that there should be no live music or congregational singing, as this could have an impact on the spread of Coronavirus among citizens.

Likewise, the guide offers a set of actions to be followed and not followed by the church, which are approved by the system of Health Protection Regulations making it a legal requirement.

Boris Johnson, England’s prime minister, advised the population to “play by the rules so that everyone is in good condition.”

But it is not all restrictions, as youth groups and Sunday schools also, but they are not considered necessary, so the churches were recommended to carry out an evaluation of their activities.

For those who wish to serve outdoors, they should take even more precautions with regard to those they meet.

The date set for reopening is this coming July 4th.

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