Emergence of alleged “sharks” after floods in Australia

After the devastating fires that consumed almost all of Australia’s forests, there is now a new threat to them.

This picture was shared through Facebook
This picture was shared through Facebook.

Last Friday, a woman named Brenda Horne shared a photo on Facebook where she can see a curious detail.

Originally from Queensland, Horne humorously points out the strange appearance of a “shark” swimming in the great flood that was in front of her house.

According to Sputnik News, you cannot confirm the true existence of a shark swimming there, but if it were real, this specimen would come from Lake Burleigh, where there are several animals of this species.

It has been predicted that the rains in the country, and especially in the towns of Victory, South New Gales and Queensland will continue for several days, affected by the great fire and then the recent floods.

Even firefighters continue to fight against the outbreaks of fire, but so far the territory devastated by fire is equivalent to a third of the size of Germany.


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