Drag Queen simulates to take a baby out of the womb and takes the blood in public (SHOCKING VIDEO)

In the past Halloween celebrations, a video went viral on the internet. It shows a drag queen simulating an abortion. Although it is a performance, it reflects cruelness babies suffer when someone steals their lives.

With the Halloween costume Drag queen Blair Back shocked everyone faking an abortion at a bar in New York.

Drag queen cuts the belly to kill the baby

The video shows this transgender sitting at the bar counter with a bag over his stomach pretending he was “pregnant”, then take a knife and cut the belly and take off the baby.

Then take out a plastic baby while drinking a glass of fake blood and lick the doll’s face to remove his head and make the “abortion” a show.

With Ke$ha’s ‘Cannibal’ blasting in the background, the performance sees Back perched on a bar table in an all-white one-piece. They then cut into their fake pregnancy bump with a knife.

Tearing out a plastic baby doll covered in blood, Back then smears the fake blood onto their body while lipsyncing and dancing.

This act shocked some of the audience. In the video, you can see people with faces of horror due to such an act. However, others are acclaiming the representation of this crime to the rhythm of the song.

Back wrote on their Instagram account,  “the inspiration for this performance was from a lot of horror movies”. But due to the controversy of the video Black justified himself by saying that everything he used in the “show” was totally fake.

“No baby was damaged in this video. The baby is made of PLASTIC! I am wearing a pregnant belly costume that I got online! The blood is fake! And the organs are also false! ”, He said.

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