Dolly Parton: My life purpose is to ‘do something for God;’ ‘until He says stop, I’ll keep going’

The country music legend Dolly Parton still remembers the moment she discovered her God-given purpose.

She shared her experience during an interview with The Christian Post and other reporters last month.

Parton recalled how an old woman once told her: “You are anointed.”

We grew up in the church and my grandpa was a Pentecostal preacher. So healing and praying and being anointed and all that stuff, that was nothing new to us, ‘cause we survived because of our faith in God to get us through and all that.

But when that old lady told me that I was anointed, I didn’t know what that was. I was just thinking it was like, olive oil.” Parton recalled.

 She asked her mother to explain what the old woman meant.

That means that God has His hand on you; that you may do something special.” her mother responded.

That,” the singer added, “triggered a faith in me because I believe that I was supposed to do something good. After she told me that, I thought, ‘Well then this is my responsibility. I’m going to do something good.‘”

So I kinda held that also in the back of my mind, whether that was predestined or not, or whether I just took that little grain of faith and made that so for myself,” the singer added.

I never let go of that. I always felt responsible to God that I was supposed to be doing something for God. I still feel like that, and I’m still doing it, trying to. Sinning all the way, but trying my best, and asking forgiveness seventy times seven.”

Parton’s charitable and philanthropic efforts are as notable as her music. And at 73 years of age, the legendary singer said she’s not quitting anytime soon.

I live on spiritual energy, creative and spiritual energy, because I do go a lot,” Parton said. “I work hard. I work really, really hard. But I love my work. It’s like, only when you go through family problems or heartaches [that] you actually have to lean on God for even more. But I really feel like I have a calling. I always felt I had a mission. Don’t know what all it is, but I feel like God had told me early in a feeling that I was supposed to go until He told me to stop.”

He ain’t said nothing yet about quitting,” she continued. “So I ain’t said nothing about retiring yet. But I just know that I will go until I can’t go anymore, ‘cause I do believe that I can give something to this world. Until God says stop, I’ll keep going.

Source: The Christian Post

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