Disney promotes witchcraft through the new youth series “The Owl House”

A new show created by Disney is influencing children’s beliefs by encouraging them to practice witchcraft.

Images from the cartoon «The Owl House».

“The Owl House” focuses on a teenager girl named Luz. This girl has to pretend to be a witch to fit in a place where the ones who live there hate humans.

The show’s creator is Dana Terrace. In the cartoon she presents “portals” with a witch and a thief who is also a demon.

The environment of the show develops in a body in decomposition. Humans are imprisoned for being different from the ones who live in Boiling Iles. Besides, they all wear creepy masks.

Luz is the main character. She is a teenager who ran into a “portal” with a “Demons realm”. There, she finds a family whose lifestyle is related to magical spells.

Apparently, Disney wants to continue with these types of demonic productions such as “The Night Before Christmas”.  Media has also noticed this type of demonic trend.

Terrace confessed that she pressured the Disney executives so that their productions have a turn towards a “darker side” since it is “fun” for her.

Some media have made alerts about this type of content where “witchcraft is used as a positive tool that helps fight evil”, where for years this chain has deviated its fairy tales to a dark side.

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