Devastating “Coronavirus-shaped” hailstorm falls in China (VIDEO)

In China, what began as a simple thunderbolt alarm last Thursday turned into a terrible hailstorm that caused severe damage.

The shocking photos of the ice chunks were published on social networks.

After the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow signal, residents were both concerned and shocked, as they did not expect a hailstorm.

The ice chunks, no bigger than a ping pong ball, affected more than 30,000 people and destroyed about 1,200 acres of crops.

But perhaps the most striking aspect of the storm is the strange shape the hail was in. For many, these looked like the medical form of the Coronavirus.

According to Asian traditions and the Chinese lunisolar calendar, it is “common” for natural disasters to occur because of the dates they are found.

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An Israeli point of view

According to the Breaking Israel News website, the devastating storm is related to a passage in the Bible that talks about the “seventh plague” that struck Egypt.

This was a hailstorm that destroyed everything in its path shortly before the people of Israel left the nation that had enslaved it for years (Exodus 9:24).

It should be noted that important Jewish sources state that all plagues will reappear for “final redemption”, but in more potent forms.

One leading rabbi pointed out that all this is a “way” in which God strikes the enemy nations of his people, and that in the end times he will show much more of his power.

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