Denzel Washington reveals a supernatural encounter with God by being filled with the Holy Spirit (VIDEO)

Recently, renowned actor and Academy Award winner Denzel Washington shared with his friend, Pastor AR Bernard, the experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit and how it impacted his life and that of his children.

The interview was broadcast on Pastor Bernard’s Instagram and is still available.

Through an Instagram Live, the 65-year-old actor told the senior pastor of the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn that he gave his life to Jesus three times.

Surprisingly, he claims that on one of those occasions he had a supernatural encounter with God.

“I was filled with the Holy Spirit and it frightened me. I said, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t want to go that deep, I want to party,'” Washington admitted.

The moment happened at Bishop Charles E. Blake’s West Angeles Church of God in Christ in the ‘80s.

“I went to church with Robert Townsend and when it came time to come down to the altar I said, ‘You know this time, I’m just going to go down there and give it up and see what happens.’ I went in the prayer room and gave it up and let go and experienced something I’ve never experienced in my life,” the “Fences” actor explained.

“I remember calling my mother afterwards and asking her, I said, ‘Well, you know it felt like I was going up in the air, and my cheeks were filled’ and she said, ‘Oh no, that’s the devil you’re purging.’”

Washington also acknowledged that while it was impressive, he could not fully understand it at the time.

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Remembering a prophecy

According to the actor, in an interview he had in 2017 for The Christian Post, when he was 20 years old, he received a prophecy that he would preach to millions of people.

He believes that that word would be fulfilled through his work, and he maintains that it has been so.

“My mother said to me when I was 59, she said, ‘Denzel, you do a lot of good. You have to do good the right way and you know what I’m talking about.’ I don’t drink anymore, I don’t do any of those things. I’m all about the message to the degree that I know it, and I’m unashamed and unafraid to share it!”

Now, during the Instagram interview, the actor acknowledges that that fullness helped him during all these years, despite his success and fame.

He also explains that when you are filled with the Holy Spirit you need to understand that God has placed something special inside you.

“You have that moment … But it doesn’t mean that the rest of your life is going to go the way it should. It’s not like ‘Oh, I had this moment, I’m filled with the Holy Spirit and now everything’s going to be pretty, not going to be perfect. The next day I’m ready to save everybody. I’m in charge of saving people.”

A family legacy

On the other hand, Bernard, who is also the actor’s spiritual mentor, pointed out an occasion when the actor called him because his own son, John David Washington, experienced a similar fullness.

“He’s a very talented and spiritual young man,” Washington said of his oldest son who has followed in his father’s acting footsteps.

To conclude the interview, the award-winning actor said that he hoped to be among those who will see the Lord, among those who will go to heaven.


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