DECISIVE WEEK: U.S. Government Takes Action on Israel’s Annexation Plan

In the coming days, the U.S. presidency will be meeting with Israeli politicians to make critical decisions about the annexation of the West Bank to the Holy Land.

Netanyahu and Trump in January 2020.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a Trump-appointed Middle East team will meet this week in Washington to discuss how the territory annexation plan will move forward as Netanyahu initiates action from Israel.

U.S. support is versatile

Approximately 30% of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley will belong to Israel from this July 1st, according to the negotiations between Israel and Iran and whatever progress is made.


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu currently has Trump’s support to complete the annexation plans. He also has special consideration because at the international level it is seen as a violation of international law.

According to investigations, the U.S. has apparently been a little hesitant to fully support the plans, as it initially approved the decision, then slowed down and is now reconsidering its position.

International Rejection

From the U.S., the annexation plans were approved within the context of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, but Palestinian leaders have rejected the cause, causing both parties involved to distance themselves.

Those who promote the issue want both Netanyahu and Gantz to be able to reach an agreement or consensus on annexation, but Benny Gantz says that this should be done in search of peace for both territories and as a unilateral decision.

With what is previously known, if the annexation takes place, Israel would have problems due to the multiple threats it has received from leaders such as Jordan, who have threatened a “war” if it takes place.

However, Netanyahu and his team argue that the annexation is an historic opportunity for Israel to extend its sovereignty, while Trump’s advisors, who support the motion, are trying to delay action a bit so that this plan will bring peace to the Middle East.


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