Death penalty and chemical castration for pedophile who abused over 300 children in Indonesia

Authorities in Indonesia made public the arrest of a man who raped more than 300 children in the country.

Indonesian police guard Frenchman Francois Camille Abello during a press conference in Jakarta

At the time of his arrest, Jakarta police found two girls in his hotel room, according to local media reports.

Francois Camille Abello, 65, is the man facing a possible death sentence in addition to chemical castration, statutes established by Indonesian law.

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Among what was found in the man’s belongings were sexual devices, thousands of condoms and costumes as well.

“Those who agreed to have sex with him received between 250,000 and one million rupees, approximately $17 to $70. The suspect would beat, slap and kick, those who did not want to have sex,” said Jakarta Police Chief Nana Sujana.

They also found a computer and six digital memory cards where the abuse was documented.

Abello did not commit the crimes alone, but it was proven that there were other participants in his acts.

Under Indonesian law, there are severe penalties for cases of pedophilia, including both of the above and monitoring with electronic devices until the sentence is served.

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