David Ortiz shot for $ 8.000 bounty. Now, he is making good progress toward recovery (VIDEO)

The famous MLB player and Red Sox legend, David Ortiz, known as “Big Papi” was shot at as part of a plot that included a nearly $8,000 bounty, two cars, a motorcycle and at least a half-dozen men, police revealed Wednesday.

David Ortiz was shot for $ 8.000 bounty
David Ortiz was shot for $ 8.000 bounty.

David Ortiz was shot and wounded at a Santo Domingo inside the Dial Lounge and Bar on Sunday night. Witnesses captured at least one man, beat him and waited until police arrived to scoop him up to jail. Two other suspects were arrested Tuesday, police said.

Police believe the attack on Ortiz involved several people and described the shooting as a “sophisticated hit job”. Surveillance camera captured the moment of shooting. Ortiz was talking to some friends when a man behind him came and fired a gun “without saying a word. All the people who were in the place started running everywhere while Ortiz stayed on the floor for a few seconds until the the ambulance and the police came to the place. The shooter tried to get back on the bike but fled when people closed in. The shooter kept running with the gun in his hand.

According to declarations given by Ortiz´ wife, Tiffany, Ortiz was flown back to Boston and he is recovering from the injuries. He was able to sit up and take some steps as he recuperates in Massachusetts General Hospital’s intensive care unit.

 “His condition is guarded, and he will remain in the ICU for the coming days, but he is making good progress toward recovery,” she said.

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