Dante Gebel’s Church will help thousands of families with aid kits during Coronavirus emergency

Pastor Dante Gebel along with his church will be distributing aid kits to thousands of families so they can cope with the current pandemic that attacks the planet.

The church will be handing out the kits today.

A few days ago, the minister, who together with his wife leads the River Church, informed through his social media profiles that they would be helping many families through donations in these times of crisis by the Covid-19.

In various posts, Gebel reports to his followers all the phases and movements that the ministry has made to collect food and basic hygiene supplies .

On March 20, the pastor wrote in a post: “We already have more FULL food trucks!”

“We have stocked up on a lot of food, toilet paper, diapers, oil, flour, bread, protein, gel, eggs, etc.”

“And on next MONDAY our Pastoral team (*so as not to expose any volunteers to contagion) will go out to the most needy neighborhoods of our city,” he added.

For today, River Arena Foundation will be carrying out this mission, where they hope to bless thousands of families.

The information provided states that the location for these donations will be in Orange County, located in California, USA.

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The church doesn’t stop

Even in times of crisis and despair such as the world is facing right now because of the Coronavirus, the church of Christ remains strong.

Surprisingly, the gospel has not stopped being proclaimed, and even though the temples are closed, the online church is gaining strength.

In these moments, helping the needy has become one of the priorities of the Christian people, and this is a clear example of it.

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