Daniel Habif exalts the power of God praying on TV, “We know that your hand is powerful”

While in the program “Sale el Sol” (The Sun Rises), the influencer asked to pray for what is happening around the world, so that God will strengthen people in the midst of this crisis.

The motivator and speaker asked for a space to pray during the program.

Recently, the Mexican TV program “Sale el Sol” invited the influencer, youtuber and motivational speaker, Daniel Habif.

There, he had the opportunity to talk about certain points related to what the world is going through right now with the Covid-19.

The current pandemic created terror and panic in people, but Habif explained how to deal with fear in the midst of this situation.

In the same way, he spoke about love, emphasizing how love is strengthening and transforming, even though people have to obey health measures that authorities ordered; this means people have to avoid hugging or showing affection with certain actions.

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Praying on TV

But what people adired the most about the infuencer during the show was the moment he asked for a small space in the program to say a prayer.

The TV host did not deny his request, instead, she encouraged him and gave him permission to raise a prayer to God for Him to give strength to the nations and their citizens.

“Dear Father, today many wake up without strength and in anguish. Our weakness becomes even more visible and the world groans; but we know that your hand is powerful and that you never let your guard down ”, the infuencer begins.

“… Today we are praying in a national network so that your voice is heard throughout the world as that thunder that comes beyond the eternal. We know that you love us and that is enough for us ”, he continued.

“Help us to get up, to put our armor again; Place the edge on the sword and give us the roar so that fears fall before us, so that the walls of oppression crumble. So that the joy and the happiness reach homes ”.

For the health and the healing of humanity to be restored. I ask you for all Mexico , for our brothers and sisters in China, for the people in Italy, in Spain, in Venezuela, in Colombia… In all corners of the world, ” Habif adds.

This influencer’s action may be simple for some, but it can actually help hundreds who are in fear and hopeless.

In the different platforms, people praised him for his action because he set an example on how to show love for neighbors.

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