Dangerous: Young boy bet his life with the devil, played and lost.

Pity news has shocked many people. It has been posted on social media. Unfortunately, a boy from Tonacatepeque, San Salvador committed suicide after losing a Free Fire game.

This popular but dangerous game has many fans, especially teenagers, whose fanaticism has taken them to the highest levels of disaster.

According to the Facebook post, this boy reportedly made a bet with the devil. If he lost the game, he was going to take his own life off. He lost the game and did what he promised.

This is not the first case with teens committing suicide after losing this popular  Free Fire game.  Teens´ lives are in danger, that´s why parents must be alert on what their children are doing with their devices.

They have to realize that some video games have to be under surveillance because the level of violence they promote is huge.

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