Customers inside a supermarket on the U.S. spontaneously worship God

In a spontaneous way of worshipping God, a large group of people sang Christian praises inside a supermarket in the United States.

Video shot at Walmart, USA

From the Walmart supermarket in Pennsylvania, shoppers united in one voice to worship God while shopping for items of their choice.

The moment was captured by a local employee, where some people began to sing and those around left the items to join the great chorus.


It went viral on Facebook, which received much praise for the spontaneous worship of God.

“Ah, how it must have pleased our Heavenly Father. This is what our country needs: God’s people are a church outside the building,” said one comment.

“Thank heaven there are still those who are faithful and believe in the power of worshipping the One God. This is what the world needs to see, not those who do not respect our country,” said another comment.

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The many actions of faith and moments in God’s presence on the streets of the United States have become more and more frequent as a wave of violence broke out after George Floyd’s death.

In them, people go out to pray in the streets, get baptized, preach and share the love of Jesus as a way to combat the current crisis.

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