Covid-19 survivors reveal experiences and how they keep their faith in God

Sometimes the information related to the number of patients cured with coronavirus is left aside. But a group of people decided to share their stories to encourage others to keep their faith.

They experience a great recovery thanks to their faith and their state of peace of mind during the crisis.

Stories of faith that overcome the Coronavirus arise in the midst of the highest peak that the US has recorded, and that is that God continues to care for his children in the midst of this terrible situation.

Clay Bentley is from Georgia and shared his testimony with CNN. There, he said that his faith led him and his wife to overcome all the anguish caused by this pandemic.

«I heard the voice of God»

Although he is infected and confined in a hospital, he says that God speaks to him to let him know that he will be fine even when the medical diagnosis is the opposite.

I heard the voice of God inside of me telling me, ‘You are getting better,'” he confessed, while doctors told him that the state of his lungs was worse.

Going through a negative and then a positive result, Bentley and his wife hope that the situation will improve across the country by hearing the right voices.

“I think that’s what we are beginning to hear. I think that is why this country, you know, we walk in fear because we hear these stories of fear and it causes pandemonium,” he said.

But, you know, if you hear the right voices and follow those voices, because God began to tell me that I was getting better, and look at me today: I feel better,” he added.

“Stand on His Word”

Ind in the middle of the interview, the couple emphasized that in cases like these that the world lives, it is necessary that people keep their hope as an excellent way to face fear and worry.

Any time any fear comes or loneliness or anything that is negative with all that is going on, and all the changes that are going on, I stand on His Word. I stand on His promises that no weapon formed against us can prosper, ”Clay’s wife told CNN.

“I give Him praise, in the meantime, I know that He’s got my husband… I just don’t rely on whatever everyone else is saying; I find out what God has to say and stand on His Word ”, she added.

Two more cases from Seattle reveal how little by little and with the correct medical indications they are already recovering from what people initially believed to be a common flu.


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