Contestant who prayed with judges wins ‘American Idol,’ sings Christian anthem with Lauren Daigle

After singing the Christian single “You Say” in a duet with Lauren Daigle, Samantha Diaz, known as Just Sam, was crowned “American Idol” season 18 winner Sunday night.

Lauren Daigle and Samantha Diaz

Diaz was always showing her faith during the show and at the end of the episode she gave Jesus the glory declaring “Thank you, Jesus!”

Before Diaz performed the duet, she opened up about her emotions with Daigle. She expressed how the hit crossover song had impacted her life.

“‘You Say’ seriously speaks to my heart and I feel like that’s what brought me to tears at my audition,” she said.

Once Diaz won the competition, her grandmother was seen via Facetime praising God and celebrating her granddaughter’s win.

A time before the episode to end, celebrity judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan gave Diaz some spiritual motivation.

Perry told the singer after her performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”: “The Lord doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

While Brian said, “You are a wonderful, blessed, singer.”

Sam’s testimony

At the beginning of the singing competition in February, ABC first aired Just Sam’s testimony.

In her promotional package, the aspiring singer from Harlem revealed she was adopted by her grandmother after being abandoned by her parents.

Diaz shared that her sole source of income was singing in the subways, which actually provides enough money to support her family’s basic needs.

In response to all of the support she was receiving from the judges, Diaz felt compelled to boldly ask if she could pray with the celebrities.

“Can I pray with you guys. Is that OK?” she inquired. “I have a prayer I want to do with you guys.”

“So repeat after me,” she told the judges as they all held hands in agreement. “Heavenly Father, Lord make my life brand new right here, right now, with my friends and my new fam.”

Once the prayer was over, Bryan jokingly asked to go get “baptized.”

“We’ve been saved again!” Perry shouted.

Diaz responded, “Thank you, Jesus!”

Source: The Christian Post 


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