Clothing brand reverts misusing of symbols by telling the truth

Companies, shops, groups of people who defend their ideas, among others use symbols or logos as a way to identify or stand out from others. These symbols are one of the main aspects to take into account when opening your own group because they define who you are or what you represent.

Christian clothing to speak the truth of the Bible

Nowadays, it is common to see people misusing and giving a wrong perspective to some of them. For example, the rainbow. For a while, it is one of the most common symbols worldwide.

The LGTB groups took this symbol to represent “inclusion and diversity” in humankind.  But no matter what they try to say or do to defend their theory, but they ignore what the rainbow really means.

Originally, the rainbow was God´s idea to represents his covenant with humans “never to destroy the earth by flood again.” This is the truth, but not many people know about it.

For this reason, WS (WEAR SCRIPTURE) Company comes. This new Christian clothing company opens its door, to tell the truth of the Bible in a different and dynamic way.

What is its main purpose?

It is to encourage Christians to “Be a voice for the gospel.” These designs encourage Christians to be bold and courageous; to stand up for righteousness, the truth and for God’s Word and speak truth to the culture. 

In the video below, the company´s founder expresses that the Spricture mission is to “be the Christian clothing company that creates designs for clothing and accessories that evoke individuals to their true spiritual condition and to begin to search and seek of themselves the truth of God´s word and the truth himself, Jesus Christ.”

And this is what the gospel is about, to brings good news, the good news of salvation! This brand informs and confronts people about the reality they living.

There are specific designs given by God:

The company´s founder said “I wasn´t sure what the focus would be, but as I step out in obedience and faith and started the business, God began to give me the Scriptures”

More details in the video below, enjoy and be a voice for the gospel!


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