Cindy Jacobs prophesies to Bolsonaro from Israel (VIDEO)

The pastor and prophet Cindy Jacobs during her participation in the Call of All Nations in Jerusalem prophesied to the Brazilian nation.

Cindy Jacobs prophesies to Bolsonaro from Israel (VIDEO)

“Thus says the Lord: Brazil, your glory days are coming!”

«The Lord tells President Bolsonaro that now is the time to move the embassy to Israel. And God says that if you do that, I will also move the entire economy of that nation. It will be in such a large proportion that there will be a revival in the economy ».

During her participation, Cindy once again prophesied about the moment the church is living in Brazil.

“I want to talk to the church in Brazil, you are at a historic moment for your nation, and God tells them:

‘Many churches in Brazil will begin to support Israel even if they don’t believe in Israel’s leading role in modern history,” said.

The word was given to the apostle Joel Engel, founder of the Prophetic School, who attends the event organized by Pastor Tom Hess of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations (JHOPAN).

When asked how Brazilians can bring a revival to the country, Cindy said that Brazil is experiencing “a historic moment” and that God will align the country with Israel.

The church must pray for its rulers

Jacobs also ordered the Brazilian church to pray for the president, because God will make them a nation of Christian majority, but they must fight for a revival.

While prophesying about the Brazilian government, Cindy Jacobs declared that God will renew the country, bringing prosperity and new physical infrastructure to the nation.

“The Lord says that this is a new era, a new time, the power of God will come upon the capital and many people from there will come (to Jerusalem) to worship God,” he said.


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