Church in UK joins anti-racism movement by displaying “Black Jesus” on the Altar of the Persecuted

A controversial version of the well-known painting “The Last Supper” will be installed in a church in the United Kingdom. It shows a black Jesus surrounded by his disciples.

The painting represents a Jesus breaking “myths”.

The famous painting of “The Last Supper” by the plastic artist Lorna May Wadsworth in a controversial way will be temporarily exhibited in the Cathedral of St. Albans in the UK

All the controversy is in Wadsworth’s portrayal of Jesus, who used a Jamaican model by the name of Tafari Hinds as inspiration for his vision of how he sees the son of God.


Black and persecuted Jesus

The piece will be on display at the Altar of the Persecuted in the Cathedral from this coming Saturday until October 31st of this year, as a way of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement against racism.

Jeffrey John, said that at this time the church is not able to talk about “racial justice.”

“But our faith teaches that we are all created equally in the image of God, and that God is a God of justice. Black Lives Matter, that is why we have made our Altar of the Persecuted a place of reflection and prayer with the altarpiece of Lorna in our hearts,” said the Rev John.

Breaking Myths?

Regarding the painting, its author says she wanted to challenge some stereotypes and “myths” that Jesus “was blond with blue eyes.”

Lorna May and her painting.

“My interpretation of him is as ‘precise’ as the idea I received that he looked like a Florentine. I also knew that, from an earlier portrait of Tafari, there is something about his countenance that people find deeply empathetic and moving, which is the main quality I wanted my Christ to embody,” May said.

Different debates have arisen as a result of defining a single image of Jesus and his skin colour, as many are not happy that the Christ they represent from the West is “white”.


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