Christians worship God and hold prayer services in a parking lot (PHOTOS)

Because it is forbidden to hold worship services within churches to avoid the accumulation of large groups of people and greater contagion of Covid-19, congregations are looking for other ways to remain in unity.

Believers come together to worship and cry out to God, even if it's not Sunday.
Believers come together to worship and cry out to God, even if it’s not Sunday.

Recently, photos of a church that is holding its services in a parking lot because of the Coronavirus have gone viral.

The first photos were shared by Mark Clifton, who is director of Church Replanting, a church REplanting movement in the United States.

In the images shared by Clifton, a group of believers can be seen in a large parking lot, praying in the midst of the crisis that the nation and the world are facing because of Covid-19.

On the other hand, a description in a Spanish post says that these Christians come to the place to pray and worship God.

They do not greet each other, and some do not get out of their vehicles, since the purpose of going to that parking lot is to seek God and pray fervently.


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Apart from this, Clifton commented in his post that, without any planning, the churches are meeting the needs of the communities.

This is a clear demonstration that this pandemic has not stopped the Christian people, but has made them stronger and more united and loving with others.

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