Christians will join in the “Global Day of Prayer” to End Coronavirus

The union of several ministries has resulted in several churches at an international level demanding a day of prayer to end the Coronavirus.

The activity will take place on March 3rd

Cindy Jacobs, the prophet of the Ministry “Generals International“, affirms that God gave her a word to make a worldwide prayer call for the Coronavirus. She says that the Holy Spirit gave her the authority to do so only if it was a global meeting.

After seeking wisdom and prophetic counsel from prophets across the nation and world, we believe strongly that since this is a worldwide issue, it’s going to take the whole Church to cry out together for the mercy and healing power of God to contain it,” she said.

In light of this understanding, we are asking mobilization on a global scale this Tuesday, March 3 for a day of fasting and prayer for our respective nations, in order to stop the spread of the virus and heal the people affected by it. Our global conference call begins at 7:14pm US Central Time,” she said through a newsletter.

With Jolene Hamill and the ministry “Lamplighter Ministries,” and the spiritual adviser of the US president, Paula White, this call will take place on March 3, in order for the nations to unite in prayer to God for global healing and protection.

Hamill says that the Lord told him in prayer that this initiative had been completed late but that is still important that the world prays for this”pandemic” to end.

He reminded me how He warned me two years ago that new strains of viruses and diseases are coming which aren’t even the earth yet,” according to Jolene. “Though it’s good to pray, He said we’re already too late.”

“…your job is to declare this verdict and seek God for its immediate enforcement. Coronavirus ceases to exist! We declare an immediate turnaround, in Jesus’ Name,” she added.

What should we do during this time of prayer? Praying for this 7 specific points

1. Pray Psalm 91 over your families and nations.

2. Pray against fear, knowing that God has not given us a spirit of fear.

3. Pray for wisdom for our leaders and protection for the emergency responders while protecting their people and preventing the spread of the virus.

4. Pray for Christians to have the courage and share the Word effectively through this time of crisis.

5. Prophetic voices around the world have predicted the coming of the next great awakening on a worldwide scale. Pray that the forces of evil don’t use this to disrupt the coming awakenings.

6. Pray that God will cease the coronavirus worldwide and that He will heal everyone who is currently affected by it.

7. Devote yourselves, your families, and your nation to God through the taking of communion and remember Passover.


Source: CBN

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