Christians show the terrible tortures caused by Chinese officials because of their faith

Because of their faith in Christ, members of the Church of Almighty God were arrested and terribly tortured.

Christians show the terrible tortures caused by Chinese officials because of their faith

The Asian news portal Bitter Winter, which specializes in religious freedom and human rights, reported on the experiences of two Christians who were tortured and mistreated because of their faith.

These believers belong to the Church of God Almighty (CAG), the most persecuted religious movement in China.

Christians noted the constant use of excessive force to make them renounce their faith or divulge information about church members.

Coming from the eastern province of Anhui, these courageous believers share their painful experience of being imprisoned by the Chinese communist regime.

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Li Yi, a tortured Christian

Li Yi, 56 (whose name has been changed due to security measures), was arrested twice for sharing the avangelium.

She points out that her form of torture in prison was a way of forcing her to reveal information.

“Three policemen pressed my face against the floor, while a fourth violently beat my back and legs with a 50 cm long stick, thick as a roll,” the woman recalled.

Li Yi shows the part of her head without hair because of the tortures received.

“It continued for at least three hours until my whole body turned black and blue. The police didn’t stop until they got tired and I lost consciousness,” she said.

The believer revealed other tortures, but one of the ones she remembers most is the occasion when she was hit on the head with a chair. That caused a certain part of her head to go bald because her hair could no longer grow in that area.

“I still have headaches and back pain, and my leg hurts on wet days,” said Li Yi, who listed the problems she still has after her ordeal while in prison.

“The pain is so intense sometimes that I can hardly move,” she concluded.

Qin Jing’s experiences

Another person tortured was Qin Jing, who was subjected to even more cruel torture, according to information provided by Guiame.

“The police took off my shirt and ordered me to take off my shoes and socks before forcing me into a bank of tigers,” the man recalled of the interrogation he was subjected to.

“It was eight degrees below zero that day, and they poured cold water over my body while my hands and feet were handcuffed to the bench. My lips and body were shivering with cold,” he added.

To get information about the CAG leaders, Qin Jing was forced to ingest mustard oil, a method of torture commonly used in China because it leaves no visible marks, but causes pain and extreme damage to a person’s body.

Marks on Qin Jing’s foot made by electric shock.

“Four policemen spilled four bottles of mustard oil in a row over my mouth and nostrils, then covered them up,” said Qin Jing.

“It was so spicy! I felt extreme pain in my mouth, nose, throat and stomach. It felt like I was burning, the tears and mucus kept running. My lips swelled up, becoming as big as sausages. I couldn’t eat for a while.”

He also reports being beaten with bamboo sticks and receiving electric shocks that left marks on his body.

Human Rights

Certainly, Christians are one of the groups most persecuted by the Chinese government.

Human rights and religious freedom are often violated; even when the international community asks to do something about it.

In the face of this, God’s people are encouraged to pray for Asian believers, so that their faith will not falter in these difficult times.

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