Christians in China take advantage of the use of masks to hide their identity when preaching the gospel

Wuhan, China, is the origin place of the coronavirus outbreak. Here, Christians are wearing surgical masks for two reasons: to protect themselves from the virus and to spread the gospel.

Christians take advantage of the masks to hide their identity and talking about Jesus to people on the streets. By using this strategy, they can avoid prosecution from the Chinese government.

It is estimated that there are 100 million Christians in China facing persecution in the communist nation many times. For this reason, most of them have to get together underground.

Chinese Christians bravely are talking about Jesus. Besides, they are giving masks to people on the street; and along with the masks, they also share gospel fliers.

CBN News Asia correspondent Lucille Talusan said that the people of Wuhan have become more receptive to Christ because of the coronavirus epidemic.

“There are Christians, a ministry in Wuhan, they take to the streets. They are very brave They distribute masks and say they are Christians; He shared the love of Christ and pointed to Jesus to bring hope to them and their families and to all of China … This is really a breakthrough.”


There is still hope

Although the number of cases of coronavirus continues, the World Health Organization failed to declare a global pandemic yesterday.

Despite the number of cases spread to many countries, the outbreak is still largely confined in China. For this reason, the government is taking measures to contain the virus.

A hospital built in just 10 days treated 1,000 patients and that is not enough. A gym and exhibition center have become a temporary field hospital.

Chinese authorities use drones to spray disinfectant products. They also use them to talk to citizens through drones microphones, telling them to put their masks on and warning them to be far from meetings where the disease can spread.

The Chinese territory of Macau is the largest gaming center in the world. There, the casinos will remain closed for at least two weeks.

On the coast of Japan, 3,700 people aboard a cruise ship are quarantined after health experts detected 10 people infected with the virus.

The United States and other countries have enacted strict travel restrictions to and from China.

Health experts say that the coronavirus seems milder than previously thought.

The mortality rate is around 2% for people over 60 with pre-existing health problems. And it was confirmed that 700 people recovered completely from the disease, approximately 200 more than the number of confirmed deaths.

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