Christians gather again on the streets of Mexico to pray for healing

Mexico met again in the streets to raise a cry for its nation for the healing of many people.

Images of the moment of prayer in the heart of the Mexican capital.

The “Marcha de Gloria” (March of Glory) brought thousands of Mexican Christians into the city center as if on a webcast to pray for the healing of their people.

“In this time we need you, we don’t need an answer from anyone else, but from Jesus Christ. We humble ourselves before you, heal this land, bring forgiveness to this land, bring freedom to this land,” was part of the prayer of all who attended the event.


The meeting had thousands of people wearing masks, gloves and respecting social distance while they were outdoors together.

“We need to keep a distance, let’s calculate 1.50 meters between us, because we have to give example, we need to give good testimony. The responsibility that if there are or are not more sick people we will be the society. The truth is that for a government to control a matter of this nature is impossible. Each one of us has to be responsible for the distance, for the hygiene,” said Pastor Carlos Quiroa.

“So, I am believing that instead of doing a Glory March, we are going to do many glory marches. But, this week we have to develop in our lives that we keep the healthy distance and that we learn to behave in this type of events”, he added.

During the event, thousands of people knelt before God to ask forgiveness for the sins committed and to pray on the basis of what is said in Chronicles 7:14.

“Father, your word says that you are angry with the earth because there is no one who seeks the truth, because there is no one who seeks God, how indifferent there is,” prayed one of the leaders of the event.

“Therefore, we ask God to forgive us, forgive so much injustice, forgive so much violence and so much kidnapping. Much blood has been shed in our nation, God forgives so much mortality, so much violence, abortion God. Father today we raise our voice, forgive us, God, heal our nation, today we turn to you in the name of Jesus,” he added.

At the same time, from the five states surrounding the Mexican capital, other Christian leaders were praying simultaneously.


To conclude, everyone got into their cars and caravanned around the city proclaiming the gospel of Jesus.

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