Christians demand the cancellation of the film that will present Jesus as a “woman and lesbian”

Because of its “blasphemous” depictions of Jesus Christ, the Christian Film and Television Commission is asking believers to sign a petition demanding that the film “Habit” be removed before its release.

Franco Zefirelli in “Jesus of Nazareth” and Paris Jackson, current interpreter of the film “Habit”.

“Hollywood is set to release yet another outrageous and blasphemous movie featuring Jesus Christ. This time portraying Christ as a woman who engages in a myriad of inappropriate and salacious acts while also serving as the romantic foil for the main female character,” says the petition.

Surprisingly, the Commission has managed to collect more than 137.400 signatures since Thursday.

The film stars Paris Jackson, the 22-year-old daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson.

According to E Online, Habit shows a “lesbian party girl with a Jesus fetish who gets involved in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out by posing as a nun.”

As far as is known, Jackson will play Jesus in a female version, with dishevelled hair and a nose ring.

While the girl posing as a nun will be played by the known actress, Bella Thorne.

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Blasphemy accusations

Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide and the Christian Film and Television Commission, said the film crosses a line “that must not be crossed.”

It should be made clear that the organization is non-profit and dedicated to redeeming media values.

“Usually, we like our audience to be the judge. We present them with information and we want them to judge whether it’s worthwhile for their family,” Baehr said in an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday.

“We do have some lines that nobody in the entertainment industry should cross and that’s our opinion. This is a line that should not be crossed. The same line that should not be crossed for movies that have pedophilia, and the line of blasphemy, which is exactly what this is,” he maintained.

The founder expressed his indignation about what is happening because he knows a little about the history of the artists involved in the film.

“The interesting thing about the movie is I know many of the people involved. Bella Thorne has come and presented at our gala and said that she was a Christian. So what do you do with that? She’s a wonderful person. So now she’s gone off the deep end like many of these people who come to the gala and tell me they’re Christian and their family goes to church,Baehr said, referring to the annual Movieguide awards gala held in Hollywood, California.

He even pointed to the writer of the film, since she is supposedly the daughter of a missionary. So she’s “actively blaspheming.”

What the film can cause

Baehr further expressed concerns that the film will confuse and mislead younger generations.

“You wouldn’t dare tell the story of Muhammad being a lesbian, of Buddha being a lesbian. So this is very strange that people who came from the Christian background are doing something that’s going to be so offensive to Christians, and so destructive to the faith of young children whose faith is being destroyed every day,” he said. You’re actively attacking Jesus.”

“It’s demonic for people of faith to write a movie and star in a movie which is actively betraying the God and Creator of the universe as something perverse, something degraded, something that’s seducing young people. It’s just evil,” Baeher concluded.


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