Christian students record videos to warn about the danger of the “Skullbreaker Challenge”

Some schools are alerting about the viral “Skullbreaker” challenge.  Due to the dangerous consequences it leaves, two Christian institutions recorded videos to warn the youth about it.

Christian students record videos to announce the danger of the “Skullbreaker Challenge”

Skullbreaher Challenge consists of three people lined up to jump. Two of them jump first to set “an example” of the game, then, they ask the person in the middle to jump alone. When the person jumps, the ones at the sides hit his feet with theirs, so the person falls down receiving a very strong hit in head and back.

Other countries are recreating this challenge, which has serious consequences such as head injuries and, in the worst case, death.

The danger of following “trends”

To fight this situation, two schools in Brazil recorded reflective videos about this “game” and its fatal consequences.

The first is the Varista Batista College, where the students recreated almost the entire challenge with a thoughtful message.  It has had good receptiveness among young people.

Unfortunately, teenagers want to reproduce everything they see on the Internet,” said Dina de Souza Melo, the institution’s pedagogical director.

«I received many messages of encouragement. There was an eighth-grade student who said: “Aunt Dinah, thank you very much for taking care of our safety,” she added.

Value life and friends

The second is the Adventist College, where 3 of its students give a message of encouragement to people who want to repeat this challenge, talking about the value of life and friendships.

These young people practice actions that aim to discover the limit of their own body, feeling euphoric or feeling relaxed. All due to the search of motivations to belong to a certain group. Those who practice it have no idea of ​​the real danger they are in. Unfortunately, many cases end in death or serious consequences, ”said school psychologist, Maria Tereza Samora.

Whoever has the courage to say no wins the challenge. That is the message,” she explained.

Currently, many countries are taking their forecasts according to this dangerous “challenge.”

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