Christian singer opens the Super Bowl LIV performing touching song (Video)

Yolanda Adams is a famous gospel singer. She had the privilege to open the Super Bowl LIV in Miami. During her presentation, she sang a heart-touching version of a classic patriotic song.

Yolanda Adams, the award-winning singer of gospel music offered during the pre-game festivities in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, an emotional presentation of the song “America the Beautiful

According to the opinion of many, the 58-year-old singer, known as the queen of the urban gospel, behaved as her title.

The information provided by The Hollywood Reports says that Adams was accompanied by members of the Children’s Voice Chorus; which is a nonprofit organization located in Florida.

In the images you can see Yolanda on a small podium in the form of a white football while singing the patriotic song composed over 100 years ago. Many social media fans praised his performance.


If you are not moved when Yolanda Adams sings, you are not living,” wrote one user on Twitter.

«Yolanda Adams did that. Do you listen to this queen? ” another added.

Complaints about Shakira and JLO’s performance

On the other hand, the performance of singers Shakira and Jennifer Lopez gave viewers a lot to talk about.

While it is true that most people who witness the Super Bowl are not Christian, there is another percentage that may have more conservative views.

Some people reportedly complained against the interpretations of the singers due to the lack of  clothes they wore, as well as their dances; which were considered “too sexual.”

Some parents worried because the event is broadcast live on television and many children in various parts of the nation witnessed the halftime show. Although many of the spectators delighted with the presentation of the Latin women.

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