Christian singer Mac Powell says ‘prayers are being felt’ as wife sits up for first time after brain aneurysm

Mac Powell is the frontman of Christian rock band Third Day. Recently, he has been asking for prayer due to a hard situation in his family. His wife suffered a brain aneurysm.

The good news is that prayers brought a light of hope because the singer’s wife sits up for first time after the incident she had.

Through social media, Powell shared a photo of his wife sitting up for the first time after the brain aneurysm. Besides, he wrote a description saying he and Aimee are feeling everyone’s prayers.

Powell wrote on Instagram Tuesday an update on Aimee:

 “Your prayers and well wishes are being felt! Positive progress today. The morning started out better than yesterday. The pain had subsided a bit but it’s up and down.”

“She was able to eat a few bites of banana for breakfast and soup,” he added. Besides that, he said that Aimee “was even able to stand up and walk a few steps to sit in the chair.”

The Christian singer thanked his friends and family who have helped look after their children, prepare meals, and even help with Aimee’s daily care as she regains her health.



Amee got into the hospital on Saturday after Powell called emergency medical services for his wife who was suffering intense headache.

A CT scan found bleeding on Aimee’s brain and she underwent a procedure in which doctors put two coils in her brain to help keep the aneurysm from bleeding and possibly rupturing.

Although it’s been a few days since the procedure, she is still in a significant amount of pain, the Christian musician said.

Mac Powell asked that everyone “Keep praying,” he said. “We’re still not out of the woods. But it feels like we’re taking a step toward the exit.”

Source: The Christian Post

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