Christian singer dies from Covid-19

The gospel music singer from Brazilian, Fabiana Anastácio, unfortunately passed away after being admitted for having Covid-19.

Various national media mourned her death.

Anastácio, also a pastor, was diagnosed with the virus at the end of last month along with her husband, Pastor Rubens Souza; hospitalized for 6 days, she died of complications from the virus in her body.

“God decided to take our sister”

Her brother, Felipe Anastácio announced her death, where he explained that later on, they will give more details about the death of his sister, “God decided to take our sister and second mother into his arms. Thank you all for your prayers, more information will be published throughout the day,” he saidon June 4, through Facebook.

The symptoms appeared when her husband had already discharged her and she was at home; two days later she was transferred to the hospital under medical care.

“The first symptoms appeared in Pr. Rubens, who has already been in the hospital and was released to rest at home. The singer Fabiana presented the symptoms two days later and she is in the hospital receiving all the necessary care to combat the virus,” explained her record label, Todah Music.

Difficulties in her health

While in the ICU, the doctors controlled the virus and previous diseases, hypertension and diabetes, but she still had difficulty to breath.

“Remember that this difficulty has to do with her weight, that is, all the recovery tends to be slower because of that,” Todah Music revealed at the time.

Anastácio was born in Sao Paulo, was a pastor of Assemblies of God for 20 years with her husband and vocalist of a family worship musical group with her three brothers.

On June 4, she died due to various complications.

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