Christian prayers blocked me from carrying out evil says former satanic priest


John Ramirez, a man who used to be a high priest in the Church of Satan, has opened up about the power of Christian prayer. He admitted that when followers of Jesus were praying for him, he found it incredibly difficult to engage in satanic activities.

Ramirez explained that his devotion to Satan became most effective when believers were prayerless; But when Christians did pray, he found it created some sort of spiritual block, preventing him from engaging in evil activities.

He has made it his personal crusade to advise believers on the reality of spiritual warfare. He even wrote a book on the subject, titled, “Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy.”

In a recent interview, he told CBN News “I wrote this book because I wanted Christians to know that it’s not only a defense spiritual warfare, but there’s an offense spiritual warfare “We need to keep … the devil in his place.”

Ramirez, who once worshiped the Devil, is now a Christian evangelical pastor.

Taken from: Faithwire

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