Christian Church praised by UN for evangelistic work, “It’s admirable”

A Christian church in Spain was praised by the UN for its results in evangelizing migrants and reaching out to people.

Leaders of the Modern Christian Mission Church with Sophie Muller, UN envoy (UNHCR)

From the Canary Islands, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) praised the work that the Modern Christian Mission Church did for the local migrants.

Sophie Muller, envoy of the UNHCR, travelled to the place to see the situation in the area as thousands of migrants arrive by sea from West Africa.

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“We are very happy for the visit, because she could see the reality of what we are experiencing, a situation of extreme need and how with hardly any resources, just with the solidarity of companies, hotels and friends, we have food today, tomorrow we do not know”, the pastor of the church, Ángel Manuel Hernández, told Protestante Digital.

“She said to the work team and to our volunteers, that she was surprised for the incredible and admirable work that we do,” he added.

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“Our social worker told her that the work of those who assist migrants is insufficient and deficient, because they need attention beyond a place to stay and food. She told us that she comes precisely to give voice to those needs”, he finished.

During the last few months, this church’s service of love of neighbor stands out on the spot because of the attention it gives to those who seek a better future in another country.

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