Christian channel in Israel is cancelled after being accused of “evangelizing the Jews”

Israel decided to eliminate the U.S.-based evangelical television channel GOD TV because of the many claims that it is trying to evangelize the nation’s inhabitants.

Despite warnings and requests to stop its transmission, they’ve continued to defend the channel.

From the moment it was allowed to enter Israel, GOD TV has been accused of wanting to convert Jews to Christianity, for which reason it was recently disconnected.

Asher Biton, president of Israel’s Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council, reported that he told the station last Thursday that he had seven days to stop the broadcast.

“The channel appeals to Jews with Christian content,” stated Biton, according to The Christian Post.

He also noted that GOD TV originally said its content was a “station targeting the Christian population.”

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The defense

On the other hand, the TV station, like Shelanu in Israel, denied the fact that it is violating the terms.

Ron Cantor, God TV regional director in Israel, told the Messianic Jewish news site Kehila News the allegations against the station are “simply not true.”

“From the first day we met with HOT, it was very clear what we wanted to broadcast: Messianic Jews sharing their faith in Yeshua in a variety of ways, from interviews, to music, to personal stories. And that’s what we do to this day,” stated Cantor.

Story of the conflict

When the channel was given permission to broadcast in Israel, it was granted a seven-year license to perform its work.

But since they have been on the air, they have not stopped being accused of breaking the rules and their agreement to be on television.

During the month of April, Ward Simpson, CEO of GOD TV addressed the issue trying to clarify the situation.

“The governing authorities that manage these things have been receiving numerous complaints about our content and about different things with the channel, especially as it relates to the rules and regulations of what can and cannot be said on TV in Israel,” stated Simpson at the time.

The CEO claims that the channel is not really trying or seeking to convert Jews to Christianity.


Simpson insisted that the channel was not trying to convert Jews to become Christians. “Our attorneys and our staff over there have all told me that we are in compliance and that we are following the rules and regulations, that we are legal and that there is no way that they can really pull us off the air because we haven’t done it,” he said then.

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