Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias is “Now with Jesus”, He dies at 74

After having a rare form of bone cancer since March, Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias died Tuesday at the age of 74.

Ravi Zacharias

On Friday, president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) said in another update that “only our Lord knows how much time Ravi-ji has.”

“But it appears the time for him to be with the Lord he loved to serve is drawing near.”

And the time came, and it was Zacharias’ daughter, Sarah Davis, who shared the information about her father’s passing by posting a message on the website of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries on Tuesday, titled“Ravi Zacharias, Now With Jesus.”

“It was his Savior, Jesus Christ, that my dad always wanted most to talk about. Even in his final days, until he lacked the energy and breath to speak, he turned every conversation to Jesus and what the Lord had done,” she wrote.

“He perpetually marveled that God took a seventeen-year-old skeptic, defeated in hopelessness and unbelief, and called him into a life of glorious hope and belief in the truth of Scripture—a message he would carry across the globe for 48 years.”

Davis noted that details about a public memorial for her father were pending, with a request added that those interested in sending flowers instead give to the work of RZIM.

“Today my beautiful father is more alive than he has ever been. We thank God for him and recommit our lives to sharing this truth with all who will hear, until He calls us to our eternal home,” Davis added.

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Source: The Christian Post


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