Chinese Ambassador in Israel was found dead inside his home

Last Sunday, China’s ambassador in Israel, Du Wei, was found dead from an alleged heart attack at his home near Tel Aviv, the Israeli Foreign Ministry reported.

Israeli police near the house of the Chinese Ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, near Tel Aviv

According to the first reports, no external signs of violence were found on Wei’s body.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that “the preliminary verdict is that Ambassador Du Wei died unexpectedly for health reasons. Details await confirmation.”

Pompeo denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused the country of hiding information about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Pompeo told Hebrew-language media Israel Hayom that the US and Israel have an opportunity to “build upon our relationship rather than give the Chinese Community Party the opportunity to undermine it.”

However, the Chinese embassy called Pompeo’s words “absurd” and declared that China never tried to hide the outbreak.

“We trust that the Jewish friends are not only able to defeat the coronavirus but also the ‘political virus,’ and choose the course

Du Wei, Chinese Ambassador to Israel

of action that best serves its interests,” the embassy said.

Israel has good relations with China and in recent years, bilateral trade has grown, raising American concerns about Chinese investments and spying on the United States’ key ally in the Middle East.

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