China destroys churches while Christians are at home (VIDEO)

Despite the efforts in China to stop the spread of Covid-19, the  Asian country authorities have not removed their policies of persecution towards the Christian community.

Chinese government removes Christian symbols from the country (reference image)
Chinese government removes Christian symbols from the country (reference image)

The communist government has used the excuse of banning meetings to prevent the spread of the virus as an opportunity to close down, loot churches and remove any Christian symbols such as the cross of Christ.

In a video shared by the Chinese Christian Justice Community on March 13, a crane removed a large red cross from the church premises; they took advantage of the nationwide closure to go to the church and remove the cross while it was empty.

Bob Fu of China Aid also shared a video showing the demolished Xiangbaishu Church in Yixing city, Jiangsu province, on March 11. “Religious persecution continues even in the midst of #WuhanVirus,” he wrote.

In early March, another church in the Huaishang district of Bengbu City had its cross removed, according to International Christian Concern.

A local Christian said the removal was led by the head of the local United Front Department, a Communist Party body used to govern religious affairs.

According to International Christian Concern, most churches in the country have met online since the closure began. However, there is concern that repression of these virtual meetings will begin as soon as the virus response begins to calm down.

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