China censors Christian content that includes miracles and healings in film, radio and television

Recently, the Asian nation announced new and strict guidelines for film and television programs, which prohibit cases of miracles.

Some believe that the measures the government uses to silence faith are going too far.

The faith community in these areas is concerned about the fear that Christian content in general will be censored.

According to The Christian Post, the National Radio and Television Administration, which controls content on radio, film and television broadcast in China, passed new regulations banning 20 categories of content.

The filmmaker, who identified himself as Joseph, told UCA News: “If we film the life of Jesus, avoiding the content banned by the guidelines, we will only be presenting Jesus as an ordinary person, and this is unacceptable to Christians.”

Silencing Faith

Many have criticized these new measures, because they think they are somewhat extremist in terms of the government and its handling of power.

Zhang Lifan, a historian, told the New York Times that the president’s attempts to impose total control over the media is a way of “announcing his absolute authority.”

“He doesn’t feel effective and confident in dealing with problems, and he lacks a sense of security,” Zhang said.

China claims to allow religious freedom, yet it has been waging an offensive against underground churches and Christian activists for years.

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