Chilling images show a man lying on the street of Italy by the Covid-19

Recently, on a street in Rome, an man was found unconscious lying on the floor of a bus stop; the shocking images show a different perspective on how the virus attacks this nation.

So far, the health condition of this man is unknown.

Yesterday, people shared disturbing images from a episode in Rome. The pictures show an unconscious man lying on the floor of a bus stop. This was product of Covid-19.

The Sun portal reported that while events like these occur in Italy, citizens of the United Kingdom keeps doing the opposite of what the authorities recommend.

British people are going out into London parks and public transportaion is full of people going to work as normal; as some photos show.

A medical team takes the man to the hospital

Soon after, cameras captures the moment when paramedics were taking the unconscious man into the back of an ambulance.

These images came after it was reported that the number of deaths in the UK from Covid-19 is just two weeks away from becoming the same as in Italy.

So far, the virus has taken the lives of 5,476 people in Italy; including more than 651 deaths registered yesterday only.

On the other hand, during a press conference last night, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, warned the citizens of the nation that since they do not want to obey measures, the goverment will have to implement new ones but tougher .

If you don’t do it responsibly… we will have to bring forward further measures,” he said.

“Even if you think you’re personally invulnerable there are people you can infect.”

Source: The Sun

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