Children in Africa pray for the world with hands on the map (VIDEO)

Hundreds of children from Gumbane, Mozambique, from the missionary project Kutsemba Ka Africa (Believe in Africa) prayed a powerful prayer against the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, Covid-19. They prayed with their hands on a world map.

African children pray for the world during coronavirus crisis

Celia Mendes is leading the Church of God project. She has been in Mozambique for 17 years. The ministry has a church and an association that provides assistance to children and people in need.

 “The community is very poor. Some children only eat in our association. It is their only daily meal,” the missionary told Gospel Prime. The project has a partnership with the district school. After regular classes, children receive food and Bible teaching in Kutsemba Ka Africa.

Children praying for the nations to drive the virus out

In the video, hundreds of children fervently pray and lay their hands on the map praying for the nations and driving the coronavirus out. Mozambique has not registered any case of Covid-19 yet.

We educate children about the coronavirus and mention the countries that are being affected by the virus. These children are already used to praying. They know God at that level and are prayer warriors. They embraced the cause, prayed and cried, “explained Celia.

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