Children evangelize an entire community in Brazil handing out letters that said “Jesus loves you”

A group of children in a community in Brazil surprised everyone by being the smallest missionaries the town ever saw.

The children toured the entire town carrying the love of Jesus.
The children toured the entire town carrying the love of Jesus.

The children, dressed as mailmen traveled all over Belford Roxo in Baixada Fluminense, to hand out small letters that said: “Jesus loves you.”

This captivated the hearts of the residents who saw them walk through the streets; They also  gave invitations to the closing a 10-day prayer program at one of the closest churches in the community.

The organizer of this “mini evangelism” said that both children and people in the community were happy for this gift.

“They loved dressing up as mailmen and the people welcomed them with pleasure,” said the children’s education agent Rosileia Souza, who is also a children’s leader in the Sao Jose church.

Busy between work and personal activities, Souza found the time to carry out this event for Belford Roxo, since it was her who made the costumes for children as mailmen.

“I bought yellow t-shirts and applied blue cloth. The shorts and caps were donations, but we still had to make some adjustments to stay in the standard,” she said.

This initiative is part of a church program called “Alcancemos +” (Reach Out More), who train the little ones in prayer for others and also to offer Bible studies.

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