Chance the Rapper tells Ellen DeGeneres “My understanding of a lot of stuff is based on Jesus”

Chance the Rapper is a Grammy Award-winning artist. His real name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett.

Chance is not only known for his music but also his generous heart. The rapper and some of his friends helped raise $100,000 for Chicago schools through the Get Schooled Program. Last summer, he wrote a $1 million check to his city’s Public School Foundation to help support the arts in the school system.

Recently, he went to “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and was asked why it’s important for him to give back to the community in which the famous rapper´s answer was “My understanding of a lot of stuff is based on Jesus”. Referring that Jesus is part of his inspiration when giving.

“Jesus teaches to care for your neighbor and care for people that aren’t necessarily your blood, but still a part of your body because we’re all humans,” he said. “That’s an impactful thing that I understood more as I got older.”

Besides that, Chance also said his parents have been influential in teaching him to help others.

“My parents, since I was young, definitely instilled into me that when you see people that are in need, you don’t just want to pass them by. You want to try and do something beneficial to help them before you leave because that’s your imprint,” he said.

“So I guess it’s a mixture of my parents and Jesus,” he concluded.

After hearing all the rapper said, DeGeneres replied: “Those were good inspirations!”

Talking about Jesus before artists requires braveness

This is so miraculous to hear a young man and artist whose life is surrounded by people who don´t like to live according to God´s principles speaks about Jesus being his reason to leading his generous heart.

Maybe you do not know, but it takes courage to say something like that in a society that thinks hating Jesus is good and doing everything to satisfy your own desires only is right. In the video, you will watch how the young artist was kind of hesitating at first, but then he bravely declared all that he has done is because Jesus inspires him.

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