California cancels Bill to Fund Sex Change and Genital Amputation

Recently, a bill that asked for millions of dollars to fund gender transition surgery for both teenagers and adults, was rejected in California.

The name of this bill is AB 2218.

The California Senate Health Committee announced Tuesday that AB 2218, the Transgender Equity and Welfare Fund, would not be considered for the rest of the year.

If approved, the bill would fund experimental treatments as drugs that block normal puberty in minors who are “confused.”

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But the most striking thing about this, and one that caught the attention of many, is that it would also fund surgical procedures that amputate breasts and genitals.

In the beginning, the project requested the amount of 15 million dollars to be carried out, but then the figure was withdrawn.

AB 2218 went through other lower agencies as a discussion for consideration.

Praising a good decision

Dr. Richard Pan, who chairs the Senate Committee, revealed that the controversial measure will not be heard at its final committee hearing.

Similarly, Jonathan Keller, president of the California Family Council, praised the authorities’ decision.

“Children and young adults with gender dysphoria deserve true compassion. We are grateful that California lawmakers chose not to fund mutilating surgeries and sterilizing hormones that cause irreversible damage.”

In the face of this, many politicians have talked about the subject, specifically the terrible damage that these “changes” produce in those who receive them.

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Surprisingly, the authorities seem to be concerned about the physical and emotional health of young people.

And it has been considered not to pass AB 2218 as something positive and entirely beneficial.

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