Bushfires Are Raging Outside Every Major City in Australia

Hundreds of bushfires are raging across the Australian nation. There are hot spots in every state.

Bushfires Are Raging Outside Every Major City in Australia

A fire tracker map maintained by researchers in Western Australia, shows that they are also threatening areas around every major city in the country.

In regards to this disaster the country is facing, Lesley Hughes, with the environmental group Climate Council of Australia tells TIME:

“When you have very hot, dry, windy conditions, if all of those things come together, a fire can get quickly out of control.”

“As the climate is warming up, we’re getting more and more extreme hot days and currently, of course, Australia is in the grip of probably unprecedented heatwave conditions almost right across the continent.”

A map from researchers in Western Australia shows hundreds of bushfire hotspots across the nation as of Friday – December 20, 2019

Despite the bushfire crisis, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has argued that there is no direct link between Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and the severity of the fires burning across the country. However, he acknowledged that climate change could be impacting bushfires.

A Catastrophic Fire Danger alert has been issued for Saturday for many parts of New South Wales in eastern Australia, including the Sydney area. Several other areas are under “extreme” fire danger alerts.




Source: Time

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