British people ignored preventive measures and exposed themselves to infection

The night of March 19, mostly young British people went to local bars to go aginst the Prime Minister’s preventive measures. Boris Johnson announced the closure of pub, bars, restaurants etc, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The measures imposed by the nation’s prime minister, caused panic. That’s why the citizens decided to “celebrate” one last time.

However, despite the bans, some some of the nation’s citizens decided to disobey order  by buying alcoholic drinks and going to bars to have some drinks that night.

Movie theaters, cafes and entertainment centers will also close in the desperate attempt to save more lives in the country; where the number of deaths from the Coronavirus exceeds 175.

According to reports, among the preventive measures the goverment stablished are that restaurants can open only to distribute food to go. This is to avoid the accumulation of large groups of people.

The Prime Minister during his daily press conference said: “… and you should avoid pubs, clubs, theaters, and other social venues”

“Last night of freedom”

Surprisingly, and taking a different way that people from many other nations, the reaction of the British people was go out to those places before they closed.

They also emptied the beer and wine shelves of the supermarkets with large panic purchases.

A Twitter user wrote: “The last night of freedom is upon us, gutted heartbroken and disappointed are just 3 words to describe how I’m feeling, let’s get wrecked for one last time tonight.”

And another person wrote online: “I’m guessing everyone has found a pub to spend their last night of freedom then.”

Anticipating this, Boris Johnson pleaded the citizens not to go out and think of the good of others; but unfortunately they did not obey him.

The Sun reported that hours before Johnson’s order to close the places, people emptied a place containing beer and wine.

Martin Taylor, a 36-year-old shopper, said, “I expected to find the toilet paper aisle empty, but I was surprised to find no alcohol.”

In view of all that is happening on a global scale, the authorities advise following the measures imposed to prevent further contagion of the pandemic and to stop its spread.



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