Brazilian pastor commits suicide in public road (SHOCKING IMAGES)


The cases of suicide for depression among churches are rising. Unfortunately, another victim of this terrible problem was a woman pastor from the church denomination “God´s Assembly”, who though that the best option to get rid of her problem was taking out her life.

Brazilian pastor commits suicide in public road (SHOCKING IMAGES)

The pastor was identified as María Helena. She was pastoring in “God´s Assembly”. The event occurred last Wednesday at Madureira Bridge, near the Rio Novo road. The people who were around the place tried to persuade the woman from not making such a terrible decision. However, despite the efforts, it was impossible to convince her.

Everything was caught on camera, and it has gone viral on social media.  It can be seen the moment where Maria Helena is hanging on the bridge, just about to jump, and certain amount of people trying to stop her; but she jumped.

According to some information given by police, the pastor Maria Helena lived in Vila Kennedy, and she suffered depression constantly.

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