Brazilian actress burns Bible and talks against Christians like she was demon-possessed

Brazilian actress and dancer, Dayane Alcantara Couto, was the center of public opinion. She posted a video on her Twitter account in which you can see her insulting Christians and burning the Bible in Psalm 91.

In the video, the woman is saying the following words: «A psalm for believers who said that I was not a daughter of God, that I am a person of the devil, I am going to read a psalm for you.”

After reading, she began to insult Christians as “garbage believers,” and said she wanted them to “burn in hell,” while burning the pages of the Bible with a lighter.

Internet users talked about the crazy attitude the actress was having and criticized it. McCarthy couldn´t stand those comments so, she ended up deleting her Twitter account.

Users of social networks criticized the actress for the lack of respect for the Christian community.

Many people believe that all that she did was part of a plot to gain popularity because she wasn’t getting fame during that time. Only God knows, but whether it was to gain fame or not, she went so far. May God have mercy.


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