Bolsonaro accepts Jesus in front of thousands of people in “The Send Brasil” event

In the massive event “The Send”, the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, made a surprise appearance. Not only that, but he also lived a totally unexpected moment.

Before millions of people who enjoy the event with worship, prayer and a transformative message, one of the pastors confirmed that Bolsonaro accepted Jesus in his heart.

According to information shared by Pastor Todd White, President Bolsonaro made a decision that “will change the nation.”

«I just received information from Brian Brennt from his president who just confessed to Jesus Christ. It is a decision that changes an entire nation, ”he said.

To the sound of the national anthem, the president made an appearance at the Mané Garrincha stadium. But before that, Pastor Marcos Borges Coty from Youth With a mission gave him a few words.

The Holy Spirit put a word in my heart: God does not see how a man sees. Man sees the appearance, but God sees the heart. God uses crazy things to confuse the wise, the weak things to confuse the strong, the things that should not embarrass those who are. God’s power is perfected your weakness. The Lord is with you, ”Bolsonaro shared what the pastor told him with the crowd.

«I am here because I believe in Brazil and we are here because we believe in God. Brazil has changed. The previously prohibited words continued to be common: God, the family, and the country, ” the president added.

In addition, he thanked the Christian public for making a difference in the country’s decisions. He thanked them for giving a different turn to the history of Brazil.

You decided, you were the turning point two years ago, deciding to change the fate of Brazil. I owe my life to God on the occasion of the elections, I owe him the mission of giving an address to the destiny of our Brazil,” he said.

I don’t know how I am here, but something very important comforts me, God knows. We do nothing if it were not for Him. I ask God for wisdom and courage every day, to decide the future of our Brazil, ” he expressed with emotion.

Besides this, Bolsonaro ratified his conversion to the public by saying: “Jair Bolsonaro is a Christian.” This statement brought a huge ovation.

The Send Brazil met thousands of people this weekend, which caused many to surrender to Christ.


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