Bill Gates answers conspiracy theories involving him with microchip and Covid-19

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, who has been accused of being behind the spread of Covid-19, spoke out on Wednesday about the conspiracy theory that, under the guise of a vaccine, is supposed to insert microchips into human organisms for the purpose of mass surveillance.

Bill Gates, billionaire business tycoon, co-founder of Microsoft

Gates told the BBC that there are many “false rumours” and “unscientific things”, and declared that “it’s concerning that at times like this there is so much madness”.

“When we have the vaccine, we will want to develop cluster immunity so that it covers more than 80 percent of the population,” Gates said, adding that the development of the vaccine “has nothing to do” with microchips.

According to a survey conducted by Yahoo News and YouGov, published at the end of May, 44% of Republican voters and 19% of Democrats believed in this conspiracy theory.

Gates called the survey “a little bit concerning.”

Proponents of this theory claim that the billionaire is behind the spread of the virus.

“I’ve never been involved in any microchip type thing,”

“It’s almost hard to deny this stuff because it’s so stupid or strange that even to repeat it gives it credibility… What our foundation does is invest money to buy vaccines.”

“I’m a little surprised that that’s focused on me. We are just giving money to be a tool: we just write checks to the drug companies ? and we are seen as a fair broker between governments and companies to help choose the best approach,” he said.

Regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, Gates said that when it is ready, it should be sent to countries with the weakest health systems.

“If [people] hear that it’s a plot and that vaccines in general are bad, and if there are no people willing to be vaccinated, that will allow the disease to continue killing people,” he said.

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