Australian shopping center refuses to serve children during school hours

A shopping mall and police teamed up for a good cause. They are refusing to serve students during school hours in Australia.

Parents and community members praised Yanchep Shopping Centre, north of Perth, for not serving students between 8:30a.m and 3:p.m on school days.

Police of Joondalup District announced the rule on their Facebook page on November 7.

There are exceptions to the rule, according to 10 Daily. This includes children with a parent, work experience students and students going to TAFE.


Why did they make this decision?

They made this decision for the benefit of students. They want to drop truancy numbers.

The number of students truanting dropped between 2017 and 2018 in the state, according to the West Australian.

More than 7,400 were seen leaving school grounds without permission and this dropped to 6,489 in 2018.

Overall the level of school attendance dropped for the state.

More students fell into the ‘severe attendance risk’ than the year before, with 11,213 students going to school less than 60 per cent of the time.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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